Pool aquatic swim training platform, island, tot dock for tots, toddlers.
Aquatic Swim Platforms for Young Kids
Who uses our Swim Platforms?
- Swim Schools
- Health clubs
- Community and Rec centers
- Swim & Tennis clubs
- Summer Camps
- Residential pool owners

Comparison with suppliers of aluminum or PVC swim platforms?
- PoolDocks offers more design selection than the competition and more color optionsA
- Pooldocks platforms are lightweight and easy to take out of water and store
- Pooldocks are easy to assemble
- Pooldocks are "modular" which allows for hundreds of DIY design modifications
- Damged parts simple to replace

How are they anchored?
PoolDocks are not anchored - they are designed to be easily taken out of the water. To keep them from floating we recommend the use of ballast/weights.

What is the weight limit?
110 lbs

The standard weight limit for kids involved in active play on "land" is 110 lbs (50kg). THis applies to the "panels" on the platform. In water you can increase weight by up to 40% due to the buoyancy factor. The closer the top of the platform is to the surface, the less buoyancy is a factor.

Caution: They are not to be used as "trampolines" - or the panels may crack.

Can they be used for adults?
The actual structures are very strong and can support hundreds of pounds

However, the individual square panels are still rated for 110 pounds each. Not for adults. We have been searching for a "simple, effective, safe and affordable" solution. Two ideas we are working on involve attaching a large "non-skid" panel to the top of the platform to help distribute the weight. There are many details to consider including cutting, routing, drilling, making non-slip and shipping. We are also looking at various ways to attach.

Option A - Marine grade plywood.
Option B - Phenolic or PVC panels

How safe are the the structues?
The structures are rugged and designed to work in an adult supervided environment. The degree of safety is 100% the responsibility of the users and/or supervisors. See our page on Safety

As there is a possibility of kids trying to swim underneath the platform, we "very strongly" recommend that users purchase no-climb polypropylene netting (1/2" holes) that you can attach with plastic ties. We do not provide the netting or the ties.

How easy are they to assemble?
We provide detailed step-by-step, level-by-level instructions. Requires basic handyman skills. The smallest designs take a few minutes, the larger ones take several hours.

What happens if a component accidentally breaks?
Simple. Take it out and replace it with a new piece. 2 minutes.

Are they easy to move?
Yes. The smaller units weigh 20-30 lbs and can be moved by a single person. You have to let the water drain out of the structures before moving.

We do not include wheels with the systems, but you can either create your own dolly or you can order additional parts to temporarily add wheels. (See Wheels Flyer) . Do not use the wheels while in the water or it stresses the structure frame.

What if my pool slopes?
See the page on Sloping Pool.

How do you ship?
Each system is shipped as an unassembled kit (tubes, connectors, panels, screws etc) packed in cartons and nromally delivered by Fedex. The cost of shipping will vary with the size/weight of the cartons and the destination. We ship internationally.

Can platforms be used on vinyl liners?
Yes - assuming that you have a firm, flat and smooth base underneath the liner. All the components are "rounded" - and have no sharp edges to cut or damage the liner. Also each structure has a broad footprint to spead out the weight of kids standing or sitting on it. But we cannot guarantee that over time if the platform is left in exactly the same place and after some preiod of time (months/years), there "may" eventually be some wearing of the liners.

Are the panels slippery?
Try it first with just the basic panel surfacing. The panels are made of smooth polyethelyene and do not have a pebbled or non-slip surface. You have the option of spray painting with a on-slip plastic paint (eg Plastikote) or applying shower/bathetub non-slip stickers. We do not supply either the paint or the stickers.

How do you clean?
You can use any non-abrasive household cleaner. If you use abrasive cleaners it will take the shine off the thermoplastic.

Can they be used in chlorinated water?
Yes. The components are made of thermoplastics (polyethylene and polypropylene) and can be safely used in all types of water including salt and chlorinated water.

Can the designs be modified?
Yes. The modular system allows you to change the design any way you want. Many of our customers have downloaded the 3-D program and created their own tot docks from scratch. Think of our system as a "large scale" Lego set - completely modular.

Can you make a custom design?
Yes we can - but it will cost you "up front" for us to modify designs or create new ones. Visit the Customization FAQ's

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any other questions.

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