AquaMania Swim Instruction



We have had our "Sea Horse" structure for many years.  The kids consider it a treat to be put into the "kid jail" as it has been called!  They collect rings off the platform and learn to balance themselves while being independent away from the steps and walls of the pool.

We also use the structure for students who are trying to conquer their fear of water.  They can hold on to the top bars while dunking, learning to float, and just for security while away from the sides of the pool.  It is our favorite piece of equipment and lessons would not be the same without it!

I have attached a picture, below, of happy students using the Sea Horse.  Please feel free to use them any way you want - or not!  Just want to show you our happy clients!

Thank you,
Judy and Steve Lemke
AquaMANIA Swim Instruction